Do you want to lose weight AND get healthy?  You have come to the right place.  Body aJENda was created to provide a nurturing and supportive environment to bridge the old you, to the new you.  I don't want you to think this is another "diet".  It's not!  Body aJENda focuses on getting your body and mind in harmony to create long term results.  No more negative thinking, no more GUILT.  You won't believe the changes losing weight will make, WILL CHANGE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!

In joining body aJENda, you will get one on one coaching and group chats without having to leave your home.  You can build a weight loss plan tailored to your needs.  Do you need a meal plan? Maybe you haven't exercised in years and don't know where to start?  I have it all!!  You only pay for what you need.  I want to welcome and congratulate you to taking the first step by joining me on this journey.  Together we can achieve confidence, happiness, and taking strides towards becoming our ultimate selves!