I am a 40 something woman who has struggled (and continues to struggle) with her weight for the past 15 years.  I want to help others by sharing what I have learned along this journey to be happier and healthier version of themselves.  Not the size 2 that society says looks good.  But the person who can achieve their health goals with support and encouragement.  Please join me on this voyage!

Our Story

With so many diets out there, I don't want you to think this is another "diet".  What I teach is lifestyle change that combines tackling both the mind and the body to achieve your health goals. Do you want to be healthy not just look good in the jeans you can't get rid of but haven't worn in 5 years?  Do you want to make lasting changes that work through challenges and holidays?  I wanted and achieved the same things you do.  Don't be afraid, just believe you can do it!