Last month I was interviewed on my first podcast.  I am a planner addict and attended a local conference for planner addicts.  It was so fun and I really enjoyed being able to talk about my other passion, helping other people be the healthiest version of themselves.  This blog isn’t to lecture to make you feel bad about what you are or are not doing.  Instead, it is information that I gather from reliable sources written into an easy to read format.   I want this to be a place where information is shared by me but also discussions between all of us.  Because in the end, we all want to be happy and healthy.  We want to be understood and supported.  This is a safe place to talk about the things that worry us and the things that make us smile.  Come walk with me.

Although I need to work on my public speaking skills, I hope you enjoy listening to this podcast.

How do you meal plan?  Comment below.  If you have any questions, please ask!  Until next time, be good to yourself and your body. -Jenn