Getting in my summer workouts



I am so blessed to live in the San Francisco Bay Area because of the weather.  We get super weather 95% of the year.  This allows me to create a workout schedule that I can usually stick to most of the year.  But there are those to can’t possibly swim in a lake in the winter or hike in a forest in the dead of winter.  So today I would encourage you to get out there before the summer weather turns chilly.

This is what I did the last couple of weeks.  

CAMPING TRIP!  Oh yeah, we had a family reunion camping trip in Calaveras Big Trees State Park in the Sierra Mountains of California.  It was three days of family, food and beautiful weather.  Here a picture of my site outside the trailer (my dad gave me his trailer for the trip).  Seeing this beauty, TOTALLY relaxed me!



This is the sunset in the forest that looks like the trees are on fire.



And the lake I swam in…


I can not tell you how relaxing this was for me!  I came back to the Bay Area positive, recharged and my spirit was filled.

Yesterday I took a hike in a local park and found this cool monument in a local park (Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland).  I just stumbled upon it. COOL!



And this is the view!


Soak up this beautiful summer and walk on the wild side!  What have you been doing this summer to improve your wellness both physically and emotionally?