How many steps per day should I walk?

For many years, the common belief is that people who are healthy should be stepping at least 10,000 times per day.  A new study ( in Scotland suggests that maybe we need to increase our daily steps to 15,000.  The study was conducted on postal workers who were walking mail carriers compared to their seated counterparts.  They found that the walking mail carriers had smaller waist lines, small body mass indexes and lower  cholesterol levels.  

This study reiterates that sitting more than standing isn’t beneficial to health.  I am not sure everyone can walk eight miles a day.  Depending on how fast you walk, that can take 2+hours a day.  So, what can you do?  


Make a plan

Start out increasing your current goal by 1000 steps.  This can be done quickly and in the matter of a 30 minute tv program.  I like to not just walk in place, but side to side, 3 steps back - 3 steps forward.   Add 30 second jumping jacks.  Maybe you prefer books instead of tv.  Listen to a book and walk around the block twice.  Be creative and be happy!


Is there something you can do at work (if you have a sit down job)?  Drink more water!  You will be peeing more therefor going to the bathroom more often.  Go to the bathroom that is farthest from your desk.  

 10 minutes

Set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier than normal and go outside for a quick walk to start your day.  Maybe you take those 10 minutes while walking to pray or mediate. There is something wonderful about starting out the day on a positive note.

I encourage everyone to take those extra steps today.  And tomorrow.  And the next day, until it becomes a new habit.