Day Two


Day Two

Yesterday I started my first official workout with the blogilates day one on the beginner’s calendar.  I exercise before I eat.  According to this study, you burn more fat when you don’t eat first.  I have seen this work for me in the past so I will continue this routine now.  

Just a note, on this blog, I will not be doing fasting, or juicing or any other fad diet.  In fact, I won’t be doing what is now popular, to remove sugar, gluten, alcohol, and dairy out of your diet for the first month then slowly add them back in.  I have found this just to be harmful to me.  Removing these foods will make your stomach and body really upset when you reintroduce them back into your diet.  Just like red meat, if you don’t eat it for awhile, it will upset your stomach when you start consuming it again.  This blog is about healthy lifestyle changes and eating “real” food.  Not a lot of processed food.  However,  I do have an addiction to coke that you will see that I allow myself one daily and a coke zero daily.  That’s just my thing and I am not ready to give it up right now.  

Yesterday’s meals:

Breakfast: 2 organic free range eggs with 2oz of ham steak (cubed) and 1 Tbsp of lite mexican shredded cheese.  I used spray oil to coat the pan before cooking.  One piece of raisin toast with 1 tsp of butter (yes, real butter).  One Mexican Coke.

Lunch: large portion of stir fry veggie with chicken tenders in Trader Joe's sweet chili sauce (see picture) sauteed in sesame oil (1tsp) for 3 minutes.  

Snacks: air popped popcorn, apples, pear, and orange

Dinner: 2 slices of raisin toast with 2 tsp of butter, coke zero with lemon(dinner was on the road on my way to work so I need to plan for these meals better in the future)

Water: 60oz

I feel good this morning.  Already did my workout and I am about to make breakfast.  I do have a fear about next week being a little difficult since I will be traveling to visit my mom.  I do tend to eat out a lot while visiting (good food and less expensive from the San Francisco area) and exercise less.  But I think I will just preplan what to order in restaurants and walk more.  Maybe try and get a quick workout in before I go to the airport.  

I hope this helps you rediscover what your weight loss journey looks like.  I hope you find that your life doesn’t have to be all carrots and celery.  Be blessed.