Travel and our wellness


 With summer upon us, what are your travel plans? Overseas?  Or a local staycation?  Research shows that we should take advantage of our vacation time for a happier life.  Particularly overseas travel.  And travel in sunny places.  Although I don’t believe they didn’t account for the beauty of the snow covered mountains and people who love winter sports.  I believe taking our wellness seriously, both mind and body is important.  So with that in mind, here are my tips: 


I can’t afford it.  This is an excuse we give ourselves about almost everything that is good for us.  You don’t have to travel far for a wonderful vacation, just the desire.  Find what you love and do it.  Do you love music?  Find your favorite group or artist and visit a concert away from your home.  Maybe just a 3 or 4 hour drive from your home.  Rent a room on airbnb and meet some new people.    

  • Find a location that you can drive to

  • Stay in a room in an airbnb instead of an entire home

  • Go during off seasons when things are cheaper

  • Treat yourself to one or two meals out in the new city, instead of every meal.  

  • Explore your surroundings!  Go to historical places, the library, free outdoor concerts or rodeos.  Parks and the beach are FREE!

  • Use some of the time to mediate or read a book.  Quiet time away from the hustle and bustle.  

    I am going to continue to speak on travel and wellness for the next couple of weeks.  What are are your tips? How does travel improve your wellness?

  • I hope this encourages you to begin your adventures now.  Be good to yourself!