When learning anything new, I like learning about the person who is presenting the information.  A look behind the scenes as it were.  So here is your glimpse into my life. I am in my forties, a 1970’s baby.  I am 5’7 ½.  My lowest adult weight was 125 lbs after the birth of my 9lb 5oz son.  My heaviest weight was somewhere in the low 200s.  I was very active as a kid and young adult.  But later in life, I had jobs that I sat at a computer most of the day.  That’s when the pounds came on.  I have always prefered junk food and snacks over vegetables and quinoa.  So the weight caught up with me as I sat more than moved.

Now I have a job that allows NO sitting, I am a server.  I climb stairs and a busy shift could be about 19,000 steps.  But we are not always that busy.  I also have a gym membership to swim, hit weight machines and take classes.  However, I still like exercising in a natural way.  Walking to the store, swimming in a lake, skiing down a mountain.  I wish I had the time to do that, but like most people I don’t have hours to spend on natural exercise.

My work schedule changes every week.  I have set up a workout schedule that works for me.  That means before I do anything else, I workout.  Normally that is even before breakfast because once I get distracted, it’s hard to get back on track.    

Here is what habits work for me:

  • Exercise first thing in the am.

  • Put my workout clothes out on the bed at night and get into them as soon as I wake up

  • Always have water handy

  • Plan workouts

  • Plan meals AND SNACKS

  • Always carry some snack foods with you.  I like almonds and trail mix over a protein or meal replacement bar.

  • In the summers, I love to start the morning with a shake.  (Fresh spinach, greek yogurt, lemon juice, frozen berries, coconut water and apple or pear)

  • Always end the day with reflection on what I am grateful for

  • Write what worked for me and what didn’t (new recipe, workout for the day) so I can evaluate and adjust to the weather, seasonal fruits and veggies, events,etc.

  • Always forgive yourself if you don’t eat perfectly or don’t workout.  Start anew immediately!  The very next meal.  Add some steps in if you can’t exercise.

  • Lean on your community to support your efforts.  


Here is a normal day.

Today’s workout (day off)


What I ate today (day off):

Noon - Whole foods prepared foods: ½ bbq chicken breast, ⅛ cup of mashed potatoes, ¼ cup mac & cheese, 1 cup of steamed broccoli, one dinner roll with butter (the treat!)

4pm - air popped popcorn and cantaloupe with coke zero (with lemon juice)

7pm - 2 cups spaghetti with turkey sausage and ground turkey, 1 cup salad with 1 tbsp newman’s light salad dressings

9pm - 1 each skinny cow

As you can see, a meal is missing.  The way my schedule is, for most of the week I go in later in the afternoon or early evening.  I eat when I get off work at 1am - 3am at night.  Thus it ends up being 3 meals.  Again, adjust your eating habits to when you can sit down and enjoy every single bite!

I hope this gives you an idea of what I do to keep my mind and body on track to stay healthy.  As you see, I am not perfect.  Be well and have a good week!